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We are Torqued, in fact we are all Torqued.
Welcome to Torqued VIP.
We have set us this VIP Subscription to give a little something back to the true fans and followers that have backed us from the Start.
By subscribing to this service you will receive free Downloads of all our new material way before anyone else has even heard them. Plus each Subscription will guarantee your name is included on the credits of our Debut Album coming out early in 2018. As well as this, you will also get 10% off of the New Merch we have coming out to coincide with the launch.
We rely on your support to drive us and to create, and we hope you'll join us, support us and continue to spread the word that is Torqued.
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We Are Torqued

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We Are Torqued!
Constricted by nothing, answerable to no one!
Torqued are 3 piece Groove Laden Heavy Metal outfit based in the Deep South of the UK.
With more hooks than an abattoirs chiller, their unique brand of Groove Laden heavy metal has been constructed with one goal in mind...
To rip faces and blow gauges!

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